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Power of China’s Twitter Clone: 100,000 Followers in 4 Days, 1000 Comments/Tweet

by Vincent Chan on May 25, 2010

Today at TechCrunch Disrupt, DST co-founder and CEO Yuri Milner, talks about Internet is big everywhere in the world, especially in countries like China, Russia, Japan and South Korea. According to Milner:

…the pace of change is really accelerating. You can become very big very fast.

So how fast can that be? Let’s look at Sina’s Mini-blog, the Twitter clone in China. It’s growth is phenomenal. For instance, Charlene Choi, a pop singer in Hong Kong (see attached picture), has signed up an account with Sina 4 days ago. And now she already has more than 100,000 followers and average more than 1,000 comments per tweet! (Sina’s mini-blog has implemented a Facebook-like commenting feature)

That’s really freaking fast.

The scary part is that this Twitter clone still hasn’t gone mainstream yet. Given that China has more Internet users than the US now. I believe the network effects that we are witnessing in this country is only the tip of the iceberg. Will it be 10x more powerful? I don’t know. But more and more US startups are starting to pay attention to the rise of this digital superpower now.

One interesting fact: you actually cannot search for Google’s chinese name on Sina’s Mini-blog. Such a serious censorship software! 🙂

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  • http://www.ivanwalsh.com Ivan Walsh

    I live in China. Believe me it's gone mainstream.

  • http://Scale.cc Vincent Chan

    Thanks so much for your comment. I guess it is very popular but not mainstream like Twitter & QQ yet. Twitter has a lot of users with over a million followers but Sina only has a few users who have this achievement at this moment.

  • http://cordlesspowertoolsinfo.com/makita-lct200w/ Jack

    in my opinion, twitter got the larger market as it were using english. So, people from worldwide may able to use twitter


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