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Two Ecosystems: iPhone vs Facebook

by Vincent Chan on May 3, 2010

When Zynga’s valuation is approaching $3 billion, with the possibility of an IPO over the next year, I wonder why the iPhone platform still hasn’t created a monster startup like Zynga yet. Apparently, I am not the only one with this question in mind. Ray Valdes from Gartner recently did an excellent analysis of the difference between these two developer ecosystems after attending the Facebook F8 conference.

So there is a long-standing perception in the market that the iPhone App Store represents a gold-mine opportunity for developers. This perception is not only found in the developer community, but among the broader audience of consumers and also investors, contributing to a high stock-market valuation for the platform owner. However, the gold-mine perception seems to me to have aspects that are more illusion than reality.

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